Self Employment Assistance


There are many underprivileged children and adults who have become physically handicapped due to tragic accidents. These individuals live below the poverty line and are often the sole breadwinners for their families. As a result of these unfortunate incidents, their families have been pushed to the brink of destitution. Despite their physical disabilities, these individuals possess remarkable mental strength.

DivyangaSeva is dedicated to identifying such individuals and providing them with opportunities through the Self-Employment Assistance program. This includes setting up grocery, mechanic, fancy stores, poultry farms, and barber shops, and providing tailoring machines and small-scale industrial machinery, such as spice grinders and wet grinders. Under this project, DivyangaSeva has assisted many such disabled individuals. As a result of these initiatives, they now enjoy sustainable monthly incomes ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000.