Monthly Medical Kit


There are thousands of underprivileged bedridden patients in Andhra and Telangana states who have become paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries. The majority of these individuals were once daily laborers working at construction sites. Due to accidents and spinal cord injuries, they have become paralyzed and are essentially bedridden. Unfortunately, due to their poverty, they can't afford essentials such as diapers, urine bags, catheters, and other basic medications necessary for their daily survival. They endure immense suffering every day and feel as if they are waiting to die. Many develop bedsores, which typically occur over time from lying in unhygienic conditions.

All it takes is one bundle of diapers, a urine bag, catheter tubes, cotton packs, and some medicines. The total cost for these supplies for a month is Rs. 1000, plus Rs. 150 for courier or mail services, making it Rs. 1150 (around $15) per month to extend their lives by another month. DivyangaSeva initiated its mission in May 2022, providing monthly medical kits to underprivileged bedridden patients. While it is not feasible for the organization to assist all bedridden individuals at once, DivyangaSeva has identified 50 patients who are in dire need of these medical kits. Every first week of the month, the medical kits are delivered at their doorstep.